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Electro dance (otherwise referred to as Tecktonik and whitish Way) may be an agitated and offbeat type of street dance generally performed to electro house music.

It’s supported, though isn’t restricted to, a mix of various dance designs, like industrial dance, Moroccan chaabi, disco, vogue, waacking, hip-hop and original glowsticking. It started in the 2000s and originated from the southern suburbs of Paris, France, within the main from the Metropolis nightclubs and has grown up around the world. quick techno and electro house music foreign from the geographical area is that the standard variety for Tecktonik terpsichore.

Electro dance is preponderant regarding arm movement, taking basic components from glowsticking like the conception of original, the Figure eight and also the plan of the Leading Hand (one hand geometrically following the other), whereas staying noticeably in a very discotheque style, by amplifying points and poses as a main side to the present vogue.

Down below electro dancers tend to use their hips, knees, and feet to carefully shuffle across the ground in beat to the music, very often in a very random and jerky fashion. They conjointly tend to incorporate components of top rock, b-boy-like footwork, disposal to the hip-hop-like influences in a very ton of the electro house music.

The term “Tecktonik” may be a registered trademark that began in Paris, and this has created problems for dance events or alternative uses of the name. The creators of the Tecktonik complete (most notably Cyril Blanc, the creative director of Metropolis) sell the official product, like garments, Matts CDs, and energy drinks.


In 2002, Cyril Blanc and Alexandre Barouzdin organized “Tecktonik Killer” parties below their project mentioned as “Tecktonik Events” whose purpose was to plug in France a pair of kinds of music that originated in Kingdom of the European nation and additionally the Netherlands: hardstyle and jumpstyle.

This project foresaw, within the Metropolis nightspot, the creation of 3 styles of parties wherever DJs from the hardstyle genre would meet: “Blackout” evenings, “Electro Rocker” evenings and “Tecktonik Killer” evenings. Cyril explained that the name “Tecktonik” may be a pun on the speculation of tectonic plates.

Along with Tecktonik killer parties, Cyril and Alexandre created, with the help of designers and employees, symbols which will surround the phenomenon: number ten colors, mittens, tight covering, etc.

Given the success of these evenings, Cyril Blanc filed applications for “Tecktonik” and “TCK” logos at the National Industrial Property Institute (INPI), and internationally in 2007, to prevent different clubs from promoting their parties exploitation those words.

Variety of product was then developed and marketed exploitation these complete names, together with covering associated an energy drink. 2 alternative clubs in Paris then took over the Metropolis club; the combination Club and also the Red light-weight.

Tecktonik has enjoyed increasing success and has unfolded to France and Republic of Tunisia through gatherings within the street and videos offered on the web. throughout 2007, thought media took interest in the development, more contributory to its spreading.

The dance is known to the ultimate public through its look in videos, alongside “Alive” by Mondotek, the Tepr remix of “A cause des Garçons” by Yelle, “Sucker” by Dim Chris, or songs by artists like Lorie. In New Style calendar month 2007, the Techno Parade raised the visibility of Tecktonik.

In Nov 2007, TF1 became the official international agency for Tecktonik, with the goal of promoting the complete outside France.

Clubs should acquire permission from Cyril Blanc and Alexandre Barouzdin to use the term “Tecktonik” or “TCK”.


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