Melbourne Shuffle Dance | Melbourne shuffle dance wiki | Melbourne shuffle dance history


Melbourne Shuffle Dance | Melbourne shuffle dance wiki | Melbourne shuffle dance history

Melbourne Shuffle Dance

The Melbourne Shuffle (also referred to as Rocking or just The Shuffle) may be a rave and club dance that developed in the Eighties and early Nineteen Nineties.

This shuffle vogue became referred to as the ‘Melbourne Shuffle’ in 1998. several of the movements employed in shuffling square measure typical jazz dance steps however with an up to date twist. the design is additionally influenced by a Chicago based mostly Ghetto house dance referred to as footwork and a method referred to as the crip walk that originates in Arthur Compton LA.

The basic movements within the dance square measure a quick heel-and-toe action with a method appropriate for varied styles of electronic music. Most variants additionally incorporate arm movements. People who dance the shuffle have usually been spoken as “rockers”, due partially to the recognition of shuffling to popular music within the early Nineteen Nineties.


The origins of the name “Melbourne Shuffle” square measure unknown. The term was 1st delivered to the general public attention by Sonic Animation’s Prince Rupert Keiller throughout a TV interview in Sydney.

The Age spoken it as trying like “a cross between the chicken dance and a foot-stomping robot” to the untrained eye, and additionally used the term in their paper, however, locals merely referred to as it “stomping”. At nearer scrutiny, one might presume that its origins came on the onset of megacycle per second Hammer’s dance videos and later dance moves like “The Dougie”.

The early Nineteen Nineties

In the early ’90s, the Melbourne Shuffle began to emerge as a definite dance, incorporating additional hand movement than its forerunner, Stomping. The music genres originally danced to were Hardstyle, House music, and Acid house. As Trance music developed, therefore did the dance, with further accent organized on glide movements.

Where the Melbourne Shuffle was originally danced, the places weren’t thought-about to be named ‘raves’, however rather ‘dance parties’.

The mid-late Nineteen Nineties

A number of videos concerning the dance from this era exist because it redoubled in quality. several variations of this dance developed, however, the most heel-to-toe movement remained the key motion, giving it the name “the Melbourne Shuffle”. Notably arm-movements square measure way more current than in later renditions of the dance.


In 2004 a documentary titled Melbourne Shuffler began picture taking in Melbourne clubs, raves, festivals and out of doors events, before being free on a storage device in 2005.

By 2005, the Melbourne Shuffle had helped to vary the sound of laborious style and onerous trance music, with DJs and producers aiming at a relentless 140-160bpm speed. By 2006, the early laborious style was principally replaced by style and epic trance -influenced onerous trance music at modern shuffling clubs and raves.

Nustyle and additionally the newer quite toilsome trance targeted on swung elated orchestral-like trance melodies that will suddenly drop (such as by a house exciter) into a relentless kick drum that was of fascinating speed for shuffling to by the rockers.

In 2006 with the rising quality of YouTube, dancers internationally presently contribute to the Shuffle online, posting their own variations and learning from others. As additional individuals have practiced the dance, the dance itself has modified from the bulk of hand movements over feet movements, to gift day, wherever it’s largely supported keeping in time with bass beats.


In early to mid-2009 the recognition of the Melbourne Shuffle on YouTube began to calm, however not die, transferral on a brand new age of shufflers. The dance began to revert to what some individuals decision “Oldschool”.

This reversion of shuffling consisted largely of wide variations of the “T-Step” and borderline running man, and is accented by glides and spins. though this could be spoken as “Oldschool” this new age of fashion remains terribly totally different from the approach rockers within the ’90s dance. several of the new waves of rockers perform in cipher. a number of the younger individuals of this new wave square measure spoken as itty-bitty boppers (or ‘TB(s)’ for short).

TBs are usually delineated as being children that aren’t sufficiently old to attend raves, in order that they dance in school, on a street or in a park instead. people, UN agency participate in those aspects of the dance argue that enough of this Shuffle scene is influenced by Hip-Hop (such because of the currently widespread inclusion of the ‘Running Man’) that these activities square measure even.


Near the tip of 2012, severally from the (YouTube) movement that evolved from 2006 and onward, a method of shuffling relatable to the sooner designs surfaced in London. This vogue has been spoken as “Cutting shapes” or “Shape cutting”, “Konijnendans” within the Netherlands and additionally generally as “House shuffling”. Throughout the subsequent years, it’s gained quality within the UK, us and Spain and because the term mentioned earlier suggests Holland. Us era of shuffling slowly came to associate degree finish.


An over-involved Running Man
Originally consisting of the “T-Step” combined with arm movements, throughout the Nineteen Nineties the “Running Man” has been adopted into the dance, accentuating the new focus of keeping time with the beat.

The “Running man” involves a 2-step motion during which the front foot is brought backward with 2 hops whereas the rear foot is brought forward during a walking motion, making a “running on the spot” motion, thence the name. The “T-Step” may be a quick sideways heel-toe motion on one foot twisting at the gliding joint.

The dance is embellished by spins, arm pumps, slides, and kicks. stylish implementations of the dance embrace motions from different dances like Crip Walk, Toprock, and Jumpstyle, that have brought the less-adaptive t-step to the background. Some dancers even omit the t-step totally.

Some dancers sprinkle bath powder or apply the liquid to the ground below their feet to assist them to glide additional simply, some together with 360-degree spins or jumps into their moves. Others apply sleek plastic tape or adhesive tape to the soles of their shoes.

Although laborious style and onerous Trance has been a dominant genre to bounce on among the Melbourne Shuffle for many years, concerning the dance with “hardstyle” is inaccurate. “Hardstyle” is the associate degree umbrella term for several totally different rave dances globally, still as a genre of electronic music. Hardstyle may be a rave dance, whereas most alternative designs were usually performed in clubs and dance parties.

With the unfold of the Melbourne Shuffle through YouTube, saltation designs have evolved from {each other|one associate degreeother} to a degree during which individuals talk to designs with an abbreviation coming back from the world during which the design came from, like “AUS”/”Melb” (Australia/Melbourne), “MAS”/”Malay” (Malaysia) or “Cali” (California). These distinctions cause lots of confusion for newcomers and people UN agency square measure unacquainted the dance.

The Melbourne Shuffle, just like the T-step needs stamina and a momentum. Repetitive, fast, powerful movements of the feet and fast switches outline an honest shuffle. Dancers should be able to exhibit these moves swimmingly to grant the impression of an easy slippy on feet.


The Melbourne Shuffle dance vogue has remained relatively underground since its birth among the late ’80s and early ’90s. The term “Melbourne Shuffle” was recorded among the media once Sonic Animation’s Prince Rupert Keiller was interviewed by Rage, degree all-night Australian music TV program. The inquirer asked Prince Rupert what his distinctive sort of dance was and also the reply was “the Melbourne Shuffle”. In Dec 2002 The Age, associate degree Australian newspaper, created mention of the term during a front-page article, making an attempt parenthetically what the popular Melbourne Shuffle was for the primary time to the thought public.

Shufflers have taken their kind and self-expressive dance vogue overseas and square measure a daily sight to be seen at rave parties within the United Kingdom, Germany, Malaysia and additionally Asian country, wherever shufflers will be seen shuffling on the beaches of Koh Phangan throughout the total Moon Beach Party. the net has additionally been an element in spreading data and interest within the shuffle.

In 2004, Six Flags launched an advert campaign that includes Mr. Six: associate degree recent man UN agency performed the Melbourne Shuffle still as Jumpstyle and Techtonik.

A documentary on the subject entitled Melbourne Shuffler was in production throughout 2004–2005 and was free in late 2005 on the optical disk. Another vast contributor to the celebrity and recognition of the Melbourne Shuffle is YouTube. each shuffler and shuffle crew found themselves able to support the Melbourne Shuffle and swank their own vogue and moves; these videos captured everyone’s attention.

On vi Sept 2008, Network ten had started cinematography footage at the laborious vogue Dance (HSD).spot for associate degree coming Documentary on the Melbourne Shuffle, though no alternative news has surfaced when the cinematography of the footage.

In Gregorian calendar month 2008, “So you’re thinking that you’ll be able to Shuffle”, associate degree Australian YouTube-based video selection competition website was launched, wherever Shufflers from around the country will showcase their dance skills, comment, and vote on alternative videos. beginning in 2009 “So you are thinking that you will be able to Shuffle” to boot started hosting official shuffle meet-ups and competitions around Australia and state.

In Dec 2008, The Daily Mercury, an Australian state publication, according to on a story concerning the Melbourne Shuffle’s presence in Mackay. It cited the city’s high YouTube exposure in comparison to alternative major cities in the Australian state.

In August 2009, the German band Scooter featured the shuffle performed by we have a tendency to Dance laborious veterans Missaghi “Pae” Peyman Mitt within the video for the only “J’adore Hardcore”, that was partially recorded in Melbourne.

The official music video for The Black popeyed Peas single “The Time” shortly options dancers (including himself) during a nightclub playacting the Melbourne Shuffle.

The hip-hop cluster LMFAO featured many electro house dancers, together with members of Quest Crew, playacting the shuffle in their “Party Rock Anthem” music video. LMFAO additionally organized a web shuffle contest for his or her video, the winner (Andrew Furr) appeared in their Party Rock Anthem video because of the Shuffle larva. LMFAO square measure is seen doing the Shuffle within the music videos for his or her singles “Champagne Showers”, “Sexy and that I apprehend It”, and “Sorry for Party Rocking”.

In 2011 League of Legends free a temperament named Viktor UN agency can perform the Melbourne Shuffle by typing /dance into the chat.
In Arenanet’s two012 MMORPG guild Wars, 2 a person’s character will perform the Melbourne Shuffle by typewriting /dance into the chat.

In 2017 the Blizzard’s Federal Protective Service Overwatch free a shuffle saltation represent for a personality named Sombra throughout the event for the game’s one year day of remembrance.

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