Floating dance | Turtle dance


Floating dance | Turtle dance

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Floating Dance

A stationary float with leg position the same as that of a Greek deity kick.

The float (turtle) may be a b-boying move originally returning from basic athletics aboard variants specifically the Turtle. tho’ it seems to demand nice strength, the float truly needs balance specifically as a result of the breaker’s weight is supported on the elbows that square measure firmly planted (“stabbed”) into the lower abdomen close to the anterior superior os spine.

Stationary floats square measure usually utilized as freeze poses. On the opposite hand, breakers will “walk” with floats by shifting weight from one hand to the opposite and therefore getting a line or circle. These moving floats are often created to spin in no time and become the primary power moves that were tired the 80’s.


Turtle AirFlare/Criticals – This move is taken into account a mix of Associate in Nursing AirFlare and a Cricket, but this move is performed throughout a turtle/handglide freeze. The legs rotate as if doing a windmill and therefore the breaker pumps off the bottom and spins. The breaker then lands within the stabbing position once more.

Turtle Freeze – A stationary Turtle.
Handglide Freeze – A stationary Handglide

Spinning floats

Turtle – this can be a typical spinning float. The breaker shifts weight from one hand to succeeding, moving one hand forward and therefore the different backward to provide rotation or a circular “walk”.

Handglide – A one-handed Turtle.

Cricket – very similar to the Handglide, however, the breaker hops on the central hand instead of just spinning. The freedom pulls until the focused carpus becomes taut and might twist no more. The freedom pushes faraway from the ground (and the legs could kick upward as well), permitting the focused hand to hop and switch itself to permit for the method to repeat. Bboy Pop of Gamblers crew is legendary for his lovely crickets in addition as jackhammers (see below).

Jackhammer/Hydro – A Cricket performed with one hand. Jackhammers square measure usually quicker, and therefore the freedom is typically placed on the rear or in another position that clearly shows management with the focused hand. several world records are conducted on the amount of Jackhammers a b-boy might do, with a high record of 113 in an exceeding row by Bboy RYUTA.

Airchair Spin – The breaker spins on the grounded hand at the time of a floating chair freeze. Throughout the breakers, flare or Airflare/Airtrack set this move can be settled. Those power moves unit of measurement usually accustomed exert correct momentum to do and do such floats.

Chair Flares – Pumping with the stabbing arm from airchair position whereas maintaining the motion of flares. These do not appear to be usually utilized in speedy succession, but incorporated into a b-boy/girls’ performance.

Straight-arm floats

Floats is also performed with arms latched straight, that means the elbows don’t support the body. Rather, these floats involve strength and speed to stay the complete body up.

UFO or Air Turtle – Movement is like that of a turtle, with legs inform back, except that arms square measure extended and latched. Knees are also bent or legs could flail outward.

Reverse unidentified flying object – A unidentified flying object float dead with hands behind the rear, close to all-time low.

Buddha – the same as Air Turtles except that the knees square measure unbroken latched along and behind the arms, shins parallel to the ground, back as parallel to the ground as attainable. Bboy Waka of Headhunterz was one in every of the primary to perform Buddhas in his sets.

Deadman – the same as UFO’s wherever the legs square measure command straight along. it’s a normally seen movement tired athletics floor routines. B-boy Junior may be a known b-boy World Health Organization is understood to use Deadman floats in his sets.

Boomerang – whereas sitting with legs before and in an exceedingly V form, the hands’ square measure placed in between the thighs. The legs square measure raised and unbroken straight whereas the hands get in a circle. This appearance quite completely different from most different floats.


(Shahinul Islam Uzzal)