Liquid Dance


Liquid Dance

Liquid Dance

Liquid (known merely as Liquid) is AN interpretive dancing that makes the illusion of the liquidity of movements through gestures, in some cases, this dance contains parts typical of pantomime. The term invokes the word liquid to explain the apparent liquidity of the dancer’s movements.

This facet is especially concerning the movements of arms and hands within the 1st place, however the most effective dancers of this type square measure ready to associate this kind of movement to all or any elements of the body. The liquid recreation has inside it a large variety of movements just like the sound, born within the Nineteen Eighties by the b-boy and funk dances.


Its spontaneous origins and its propagation through rave culture occurred throughout the eighties and nineties, even though it’s tough to determine precisely the date of birth, traces of such dance is found going back in time even at the start of the years seventy, whereas alternative specialists say that dance was born by combining parts of rave culture, whereas alternatives claim it’s solely AN extension of parts already gift in other varieties of art.

It ought to be noted that an outsized chunk of those artists (Funk Stylists, Glowstickers Contact Jugglers, Mimes, & The Unknown) frequently frequented raves throughout the Nineteen Eighties and Nineties. Following the decline of the initial rave scene, Liquid became AN integral a part of the global club culture, and also the underground street dance movement.

B-boy and funk stylists usually argue that dance could be a development of waving, a sound technique. Liquid recreation, of course, covers several of constant basic parts of such dance and it’s quite common for dancers to mix designs, creating the border between sound and liquid terribly blurred. The definitive distinction focuses on the additional swish, fluid movements, whereas the sound is characterized by “pops” (pops) and unforeseen contractions.

(Shahinul Islam Uzzal)