Quickstep dance


Quickstep dance

Quickstep dance

The quickstep may be a light-hearted dance of the quality room dances. The movement of the dance is quick and powerfully flowing and besprent with syncopations.

The upbeat melodies that quickstep is danced to form it appropriate for each formal and informal events. Quickstep was developed within the Nineteen Twenties in New York City and was 1st danced by the Caribbean and African dancers.

Its origins area unit together of slow foxtrot combined with the Charleston, a dance that was one amongst the precursors to what nowadays is termed swing saltation.


The quickstep evolved within the Nineteen Twenties from a mix of the foxtrot, Charleston, shag, Peabody, and ballroom dancing. The dance is English in origin and was standardized in 1927.

(Another dance form name Liquid dance was evolved within the Nineteen Eighties)

whereas it evolved from the foxtrot, the quickstep now could be quite separate. not like the trendy foxtrot, the person typically closes his feet, and rhythmical steps area unit regular occurrences (as was the case in early foxtrot).

3 characteristic dance figures of the quickstep area unit the chassés, wherever the feet area unit brought along, the quarter turns, and also the lockstep.

This dance bit by bit evolved into an awfully dynamic one with numerous movement on the flooring, with many advanced patterns at the side of hops, runs, quick steps with numerous momentum, and rotation.

The tempo of quickstep dance is very brisk because it was developed to ballroom music era jazz music, that is fast compared to different danceroom music.

By the top of the twentieth century, the quality of quickstep as done by advanced dancers had magnified, with the in-depth use of rhythmical steps with tone durations.

whereas in older times quickstep patterns were counted with “quick” (one beat) and “slow” (two beats) steps, several advanced patterns nowadays area unit cued with split beats, like “quick-and-quick-and-quick, quick, slow”, with there being more steps on the ‘and’s.


The quickstep is elegant just like the foxtrot and maybe swish and exciting. The dancers ought to seem to be flare on their feet. it’s terribly energetic and form-intensive. The quickstep is danced to 4/4 music of 48-52 measures per minute.

Another dance form which name is Turfing dance was developed in 2002. if you are interested you can read more about the dance clicking on the link.

( Shahinul Islam Uzzal)