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Robot Dance | Robotic Dance

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Robot dance

The automaton (or mannequin) is associate degree illusional street dance vogue – usually confused with sound – that tries to imitate a dance automaton or mannequin. Robotic dance gained fame when archangel Joe Jackson used the dance once he performed “Dancing Machine” beside his brothers, and later performed the dance throughout his solo career in songs appreciate “Smooth Criminal”.


The automaton was created in 1967; despite the dance’s look within the 60’s, the automaton goes back to the 20’s, once it had been used stagily in miming. it’s a dance during which the dancer moves their limbs in a very method that imitates the movements of a automaton.

Movements of the automaton area unit ordinarily started and finished with a dimestop (a terribly abrupt stop), to relinquish the impression of motors beginning and stopping, however poppers have conjointly been celebrated to try to to the automaton with a pop to the beat. As long because the illusion of being a automaton is maintained, it’s thought of the automaton.

Robot dance |is commonly} thought of a segment of sound as a result of poppers often embrace the automaton in their routines, typically adding pops like popping dance to the beat whereas maintaining the illusion of a automaton, however the automaton conjointly exists as its own dance and is typically thought of a performance instead of a dance once the entertainer is imitating a automaton with none music.

once kept away from music it’s thought of to be mime, rather than dance. dramatization usually featured mimes UN agency did a android or puppet vogue illusion, while not music.

Within the late Sixties, the fashion was used whereas dance to funk or soul music. Charles “Robot” Washington and his partner “Robot Ann” were the primary to socially couple dance the fashion to music at parties and clubs, and it had been at currently it became a celebration dance and later combined with utterly completely different illusion designs to create today’s sound vogue.

It’s unremarkably referred to as “Robotics”.Roboting has together been likened to the jazz-era of us dance of puppeting (a vogue together appreciated in some colors of experimental ballet), whereby the dancer would emulate the mechanical movements of a simple instrument doll.


As with sound generally, the visual impact of the automaton will be boosted by doing it in pace with music. the most {effective} effect is achieved with music that has terribly distinct beats corresponding to electrofunk. it’s yet common to use music not notably fitted to the dance, however that incorporates a “robot theme”. In 1969 Jack Wild did the automaton within the “Mechanical Boy” episode of H.R. Pufnstuf.
The Jackson

five initial performed “Dancing Machine” on Soul Train in late Gregorian calendar month 1973, wherever Michael Joe Jackson performed a automaton dance throughout the song’s musical break. The cluster once more performed the routine on The electro-acoustic transducer Stephen A. Douglas Show and also the laddie and Cher Comedy Hour in 1974.

World record

On quarter day, 2009, the Guinness record for the foremost vital automaton Dance was broken by Robogals at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

(Shahinul Islam Uzzal)