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I am Shahinul Islam Uzzal, owner of this website. I am a choreographer, Youtuber, Graphic designer,

Video editor, Article writer, SEO, SMM & WordPress expert and English Teacher.


Uzzal Dance Academy

Uzzal Dance Academy was established in 2010 with an aim to provide quality Dance training and making dance available to all. Students are offered a friendly environment which is very helpful for their education.

Admission and Courses

Fundamental Course

Duration of the course is 4 years. Students from the age of 3 are encouraged to join the course. The course includes
Classic and Modern both form of dances. Every year there is an examination at end of the year and the mark obtained by the students throughout the years is added to the final examination sheet which is held in the 4th year.


Advance Course

Duration of the course is 4 years. But it’s 2 years for the students who have passed from our school. It includes Hip-hop, Free Style Modern,
Salsa, Bollywood Style, Folk, Kathak, and Bharatanatyam.


Short Course

Duration of the course is 6 months. It includes Free Style, Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Salsa, and Folk.

Course fee Tk.15000
Advance 50% (7500)
Rest of the money has to be paid in 5 installments.

Timing of class

Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday.

Batch no-1
From 4 p.m to 5 p.m

Batch no-2
From 5 p.m to 6 p.m

Batch no-3

From 6 p.m to 7 p.m

Batch no -4

7 p.m to 8p.m

Admission fee– TK. 2000
Monthly —TK. 1000

House-88, Road-Gausul Azam, Sector-13 Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


(Shahinul Islam Uzzal)